The Culture That's just nothing so worried about the applicant as the amount of wages. These values of modern competition on world markets passes on culture and human factors. Competitors your company faster than the other repeat your products or services, then they try to 'copy' of your technology, technical strategy and marketing. But the fact that competitors can not practically be repeated - a philosophy and the culture of your company. Learn what your employees value share is not difficult. Will be effective surveys, questionnaires, joint participation in developing a code of corporate relations. Naturally, there are other way. Even if a corporate culture in your company it is at every meeting, you can remind employees that the corporate culture - is not just a set of norms and values of conduct, they must be applied effectively "work" for the benefit of the company. Even in the absence of direct instruction, corporate culture determines how actions and interactions of your employees, largely affecting progress of work. For example, in small firms support corporate culture is the leader. But in large holdings, the culture is most often separated from its main carrier and begins to develop independently. Sometimes a leader has no clear idea of how it develops and lets things take their course, which negatively affects relationships within the company. For improving relations between employees and strengthen the corporate culture developed business training. Their effectiveness specialists staff still speak in very different ways, but one thing remains constant - training programs are needed not only to to improve the professional level employees of the enterprise, but also to introduce them.
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